Words that Start With A - Expand Your Vocabulary

Words that Start With A - Expand Your Vocabulary
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If your child is now big enough for you to introduce the alphabet, we are here to help you out on the challenge. While it is important to learn to write and pronounce the letter ‘A,’ introducing children to words that start with A is what is most beneficial.

Having a rich vocabulary is neceаssary to make meaningful sentences and develop communication skills in children. All parents and teachers start off with the letter A, the first letter of the English language.

But you’re probably wondering the best way to boost children’s vocabulary from an early age?

Let’s see how you can help kids around you adopt better language skills so they can express and communicate better. When children finally grow old enough to learn the alphabet, make sure you don’t miss out on teaching them words that start with A.

Lucky for you, we can help. This post is all about how you can teach kids to learn words starting with the letter A.

Teaching the Letter A

When teaching the letter A to kids, most parents focus on recognizing and writing it. While being able to recognize and write any letter is important, those are not the only things that matter.

In the long run, teaching children words that start with A can help them in the long run. More importantly, teachers should help them understand what they mean and convey.

When teaching a child new words, start with the letter’s pronunciation. This is because a lot of letters sound different when used in different words. This is especially true for the letter A.

girl explains words that start with the sound a and more sounds

There are so many different kinds of sounds associated with this letter, ranging from regular to hollow to a sharp sound.

Moreover, A is also a vowel, which means that it’s used very often and in numerous words. Although it’s used in the middle of words more often, a lot of words that start with A can sound very different from one another.

Let’s have a look at examples of the different sounds of letter A and how they are spoken:

  • farm, water: regular sounds that you speak from the front of your mouth
  • wall, call: hollow sounds that you speak from the back of your mouth
  • fat, rat: sharp sounds that you speak from the front of the mouth
nice words that start with a

Fun fact: there are seven different kinds of ‘A’ sounds. Let’s say the following words out loud and notice the difference in sounds 👇🏼

  • Football
  • Cable
  • Yacht
  • Exact
  • Senate
  • Rare
  • Around

2 Lettered Words that Start with A for Preschoolers

Little readers are overfilled with joy and excitement when they start with pre-K or kindergarten classes. It’s because they can finally move on from memorizing and writing their ABCs to learn new words.

The first words that they learn in school are the two-lettered words that start with A.

Aside from just learning, they should understand what they mean and how they can use the words. Below is a list of words that can help young learners.

  • An - one, one sort of anything, anyone, used before vowels
  • As - similar to something, used for comparison
  • At - used to signify the position or place of something
  • Am - the first person singular version of ‘be,’ used with the pronoun ‘I.’
words that start with a for kindergarten

The above mentioned are some of the very first and basic words that children learn after they master the ABCs. Once they learn to use these words, you can help them move on to longer and meaningful words that start with A.

Words that Start with A for Elementary School Students

Once the child is confident enough, you can move on to teaching them longer words. Such words will increase their vocabulary. More than that, children grow more interested in learning new words as they begin to use these words in their daily language.

If your child is now in elementary school, it is time to improve their vocabulary of words that start with A.

Lower Elementary

Here are a few A-letter words that can increase the vocabulary of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd graders.

  • Absorb - to soak up something
  • Accuse - to claim that someone is at fault for something
  • Age - the years that someone has been alive for
  • Advice - a recommendation that a person gives for guidance
  • Adopt - to be willing to take someone in your life for a relationship, used for pets or children
  • Active - something or someone that is moving
  • Amount - the ‘how much’ of something
  • Angry - the feeling of strong resentment
  • Avoid - trying to keep distance from something or someone
  • Attract - to draw something or someone closer
simple words that start with the letter a

Upper Elementary

The following is a list of words that are helpful for upper elementary students of the 4th and 5th grades.

  • Abandon - to leave
  • Agony - extreme hurt or sadness
  • Aroma - the scent or fragrance of something
  • Arrogant - someone who is obsessed with their own importance and abilities
  • Anxious - someone who is nervous or feeling uneasy
  • Attempt - to make an effort for achieving something
  • Address - to speak to something or the formal location of something
  • Accurate - to be free of any mistakes and errors
  • Accomplish - succeeding in carrying out a task
  • Access - the way of entering or approaching something
more complex words that start with a in alphabetical order

We understand that most children find elementary school studies to be hard. This is because new concepts like adjectives or prime numbers are introduced. For this reason, we provide children with printable worksheets to help them understand better.

Why Is It Important to Learn More Words that Start with A

Words are necessary to talk about and convey your ideas, feelings, and thoughts. Communication becomes much easier and precise when you have more than just a few ways to talk.

After all, when you only know a few words, you can’t express yourself as well.

words that start with a children's dictionary improving

Enriching children’s vocabulary becomes all the more important as this is their best age to learn communication skills. A vast vocabulary will help them in the future as it will enable them to read between the lines and understand what another person says in a much better manner.

It’s important to learn words that start with A is because these are some of the easiest words in the English language.

There are numerous A-letter words that you can use as nouns, adjectives, and even as verbs.

Fun Activities to Help Learn A Words

It can be hard for young learners to memorize the spellings and meanings of words effectively. The best way to do this is through practice.

guess the images with words that start with a children's dictionary

However, practicing and learning the same words can be boring for children. To keep children’s interest in learning new words, it is best to engage them in fulfilled activities.

One way of doing so is teaching with the help of pictures and actions. If you wish to teach a child the names of all animals that start with A, you can play a game where you show them pictures of the animals.

Once they recognize the animals and their names, you can let them identify on their own. Pictures tend to spark more interest in children, helping them remember words for longer.

You can also keep a reward for them at the end of the game. This could be anything from candy to extra playtime in the park.

Another way is to use actions to understand the meanings of words is to act them out. You can use pictures for nouns. And for verbs, you can play a game with your child where you act out the verbs starting with the letter A.

This is an effective method as children will find this activity to be more of a game than study time. Moreover, when children are actively involved in learning something, it boosts their memory and retains information for longer.

Practice Questions

Exercise #1 - List Down 7 Words with Different A Sounds

We understand that identifying the difference between the seven A sounds is confusing. This is because the difference is very subtle and can only be improved through practice.

Try to write down a list of words with the different kinds of sounds associated with the letter A. It will be much more helpful for you if you come forth with words that start with A.

  • All
  • Able
  • Alms
  • Actually
  • Ate
  • Air
  • About
advise to remember good words that start with a

Exercise #2 - Draw A Words

As a fun activity to remember words that start with A, let’s draw the following nouns.

  • Axe
  • Apple
  • Airplane
  • Arrow
  • Ant
drawing words that start with a for pre k

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an insight about preschool nutrition and sleep?
Proper nutrition and adequate sleep are vital for preschool-aged children, impacting their ability to learn, concentrate, and interact with others. Preschools often provide structured meal and snack times with a focus on healthy foods to promote learning and physical health. Sleep is equally important, with many preschools incorporating quiet or nap times into the day to ensure children are well-rested.
How can learning words from the alphabet aid in overall language development?
Learning words alphabetically helps in systematically building a vocabulary base, enhances understanding of word usage and meanings, and supports the development of reading and writing skills.
How to start a preschool?
Starting a preschool in the U.S. involves several steps: conducting market research, choosing a location, understanding state licensing requirements, developing a curriculum, hiring qualified staff, and marketing your school. It is important to create a detailed business plan and ensure you have the necessary funding and resources to sustain the operation.
What age to start preschool?
Children in the U.S. typically start preschool at age 3 or 4. However, the starting age can vary based on the child's developmental milestones and the specific enrollment requirements of the preschool.
How can I handle my child's frustration or lack of interest in learning new words?
Be patient and empathetic. Find out what interests your child and try to incorporate those elements into the learning. Praise their efforts, not just successes, to boost confidence.

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