Words that Start with H - Expand Your Vocabulary

Words that Start With H - Expand Your Vocabulary
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It may be time to start introducing words that start with H if you think your child has mastered their ABCs and words starting with letters A to G. Of course, you must not forget that jumping from one letter to another can be quite stressful for your child. As an adult, you may not realize the complexity of learning 26 letters in detail. However, it can be difficult for young learners to recognize so many letters and new words. So before you finally decide to begin teaching words that start with H, make sure that your child is ready. You must not proceed if learning new words beginning with different letters overwhelms them.

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Should You Introduce Words that Start With H?

If it was not so long ago that they learned words that start with G, so it is best that you wait before jumping to the letter H. It is extremely important that you give your child enough time between learning two letters. These breaks will allow your child to process the newly learned information.

If you rush the vocabulary words learning process, you are likely to interfere with your child’s learning ability and educational success. There could be various adverse effects if you introduce words that start with H too ahead of time. These include confusion, mixing up similar words and letters, and loss of interest.

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You must have already noticed that children tend to get bored when the learning process gets too repetitive. There are 26 letters in the English alphabet, and teaching vocabulary words starting with each letter is bound to be a repetition of ways to learn. So, make sure your child is getting a break before it is time to learn words that start with H.

H is a rather common letter compared to other letters of the English alphabet, such as the letter X. This suggests that there are quite some H words, making it important to learn them. While learning vocabulary words that start with H is crucial to a good vocabulary, there are a few things to consider before you introduce them to a child. These include:

  • The child should be able to easily recognize letters and differentiate between similar-looking ones
  • They should know the alphabet in order
  • The child should be able to trace or write the letter
  • They should know the basic pronunciation of each letter

You should only start introducing vocabulary words if your child is no longer struggling to do the above-mentioned tasks.

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Importance of Vocabulary Words

Teaching new vocabulary words to children is important, but why is that? Before we can learn more about the letter H and words beginning with it, let’s see how a larger vocabulary will benefit your kid.

Words play a huge role in the personality development of any individual. This makes it crucial to work on vocabulary as soon as your child starts his academic journey. While there are so many benefits associated with an enhanced vocabulary, the very first one is the ability to read and understand. It is not unknown that reading increases your vocabulary, but learning vocabulary words the old-school way enables you to read in the first place. When you do learn to read and write, vocabulary helps with educational development.

That is not all vocabulary does for a child if you start teaching from an early age. While your child will significantly excel in their academics, more words in their word bank will also enhance language and communication skills. An enriched vocabulary enables little children to convey their thoughts, ideas, and feelings in a much better way.

This not only makes them feel understood and heard, but it also makes a huge difference in their self-confidence. When a child realizes that they can correctly get across their message to others, it encourages them to interact with newer people more often. This way, they build knowledge about new and different things around the world.

Make sure you add some words that start with H, as a vast vocabulary can also make a child more empathic. With more knowledge of more words, they can better understand the feelings, opinions, and ideas of others around them. Besides that, vocabulary encourages better performance skills as they can also understand and follow instructions in a better manner.

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Vocabulary Words that Start with H- Preschool, and Kindergarten

Preschoolers and kindergarteners are too young to learn loads of vocabulary words. However, that does not mean that they can’t learn a few easy ones. It is incredibly important that little children know enough words to communicate their feelings. Here are two separate lists of words that start with H, to begin with.

Preschool Words

  • Happy
  • Hen
  • Hug
  • Hot
  • House
  • Hut
  • Horse
  • High
  • Hop
  • Hit
  • Hip
  • Heart
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Kindergarten Words

  • Hay: grass that is cut and dried for fodder
  • He: a pronoun used for a boy
  • Hey: a greeting word similar to ‘hello.’
  • Hi: a word used to greet
  • Hunt: to chase or pursue
  • Hide: to put a thing or one’s own self out of sight
  • Have: to contain or hold something
  • Has: to possess something, past tense of has
  • Hat: a brimmed covering for the head
  • Hurt: the physical feeling of pain to cause harm to someone
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Words that Start with H- Elementary School

Elementary school students are comparatively much smarter and understand better. This is the reason schools start introducing them to important concepts like decimals or even the names of the months in order. Hence, it’s a good time to introduce meaningful words that start with H.

Lower Elementary

  • Help: to assist someone with a task
  • Haste: urgency or speed
  • Hurry: to act or move in a rush
  • Humor: the funny aspect of something
  • Hello: a greeting word
  • Hump: a rounded bump
  • Hope: a desire or positive feeling of expecting something to happen
  • Hiccup: repeated contractions o the diaphragm
  • Harm: to cause damage
  • Hole: a hollow opening or space in something
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Upper Elementary

  • Host: a person that is responsible for entertaining the guests
  • Height: the measurement of the distance from top to bottom of something
  • Hardship: difficulty or unpleasantness
  • Humiliate: to insult or hurt someone’s ego
  • Headache: pain in the head
  • Heritage: anything that is passed from one generation to another
  • Hybrid: a combination or result of two things
  • Harass: to trouble someone with hostile actions or remarks
  • Hungry: the feeling of needing to eat food
  • Heroic: someone brave and courageous
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Teaching the Letter H

As we have already discussed how important vocabulary words are, it is important to teach words that start with H. They are likely to improve children’s communication and language skills and perform better when they start learning new words at school. But as a parent or teacher, you’re probably wondering the right way to teach the letter H to a kid?

The best way to achieve outstanding results of enhanced vocabulary is to not rush the process of learning. Keep in mind that it involves baby steps that could result in stress for you and the child if you try to skip any of them. The ideal way to go about learning words that start with H is to allow your child to take as much time as they need. Then, give them a break between each letter so that they can process the newly learned words with the meaning and usage.

Don’t worry, as these breaks will absolutely not waste any time. Rather, the breaks are much likely to help your kids learn better and remember for longer. As we already know, children love to explore and experiment with new ideas and things. There are high chances that your child will try to use the words that they have learned more often in their conversations. This will help them form more coherent sentences. Moreover, you can correct them if they make any mistakes to help them during the breaks.

It is also important to remember that learning vocabulary words can be a big challenge for children. They may face various issues, such as not being able to understand the meaning of certain words. Some even find it hard to remember some words. Therefore, remember to incorporate some fun games and activities when you introduce them to words that start with H. These activities will not just help them understand better, but actively participating in the learning process will also boost their memory.

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Practice Exercises

Here are two practice activities to help kids learn words that start with H, along with their meanings and usage.

Exercise #1

Try to draw or act out these words that start with H

  • Hop
  • Hen
  • Heart
  • Hug
  • Hat
  • House
  • Hammer
  • Hiccup
  • Hide
  • Horse

Exercise #2

Make a list of H words with 3 words in each category: food, animal, action, gesture


  • Food: hamburger, honey, hot chocolate
  • Animals: horse, hen, hippopotamus
  • Actions: hop, hug, hide
  • Gesture: help, hurt, hark
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Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Sight Words For Kindergarten?
Sight words are commonly used words that young readers are encouraged to recognize instantly. These include words like 'the,' 'and,' 'it,' 'to,' and 'is.' Learning sight words is crucial for developing reading fluency.
What age do you start preschool?
The common age to start preschool in the U.S. is 3 to 4 years old, but it can vary depending on the child's development and readiness for a preschool setting.
When do kids go to preschool?
Children go to preschool once they reach the age of 3 or 4, although some programs might have different age requirements or offer early enrollment options.
What age is preschool and kindergarten?
Preschool in the U.S. is typically for ages 3 to 5, while kindergarten is for children who turn 5 by a specific date determined by local school districts, which is usually by late summer or early fall.
How old are you in preschool?
In the United States, children are typically in preschool between the ages of 3 and 5. However, some programs accept children as young as 2 and a half years old, provided they are mature enough to handle a structured environment and are potty trained. The appropriate age can also depend on the child's developmental readiness and the specific cut-off dates set by the preschool.

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