Words that Start With L - Expand Your Vocabulary

Words that Start With L - Expand Your Vocabulary
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L is the twelfth letter in the English alphabet, so by the time you teach your child words that start with L, they should already know vocabulary words that start from letters A to K. If your child has mastered their ABCs and vocabulary words beginning from the first 11 letters, it’s about time that you start introducing words that start with L. However, it is best to first ensure that your child is prepared to learn some new words. You must not proceed to introduce words beginning with a new letter if your child has not already processed the vocabulary words they previously learned.

words beginning with l

While teaching vocabulary words to a child, it is important to keep in mind that jumping from one letter to another is never a good idea. Going back to back with teaching new vocabulary words starting from each letter can result in a lot of stress for you and your child.

Most adults do not realize the complexity of learning so many new words. As an adult, learning a couple of new words may not seem that difficult of a task, but for children, it’s immensely challenging. This is mainly because children find it hard to differentiate between words and meanings. After all, they have just moved on from learning the simpler ABCs. Make sure you only teach words that start with L when your child:

  • Knows their ABCs in the correct order
  • Can trace or write all 26 letters
  • Recognizes the letters and are able to differentiate between similar-looking ones
  • Knows the basic pronunciation of each letter
  • Is not confused between the meanings or usage of any previously learned words

Make sure your child is not confused or stressed about any task or part associated with learning vocabulary words.

Can You Begin Teaching Words that Start With L?

It is extremely important for the teaching figure to understand that learning an entire list of words along with their meanings and usage can be hard. It can also be quite overwhelming to memorize new words beginning from each of the 26 letters.

A break between learning words starting from each letter will ensure that the child processes all the newly learned information. It will also make sure that your child does not find the learning process to be boring or stressful. Before you introduce words that start with L, look for signs of readiness. If your child shows no interest and is rather horrified of learning yet another list of vocabulary words, let the idea go for some more time.

Rushing the learning process often results in various adverse effects. For one, you are much likely to interfere with your child’s learning ability. The ideal way to teach vocabulary words is to do so in chunks, with breaks between each letter. This allows the child to organize and synthesize information in their brains, so they retain it for longer.

nice words that start with l

Other problems associated with a rushed learning plan include:

  • Slowed progress: You may be trying to speed up the vocabulary-building process by being quick to switch between letters. However, it is more likely to slow down your child’s progress. You will soon find that your child tends to forget words earlier.
  • Mixed Vocabulary: If you are already starting to teach words that start with L without taking breaks in between, your child is likely to mix up words. You will notice that it is hard for kids to recognize words and differentiate between them. Not to mention, study breaks allow children to understand how they can use different words in sentences and conversations.

Importance of Vocabulary Words

Words play a huge role in the personality and educational development of an individual. You must introduce vocabulary words that start with L to your kids if you wish for them to enjoy the amazing benefits of an enriched vocabulary.

It is true that the society and modern educational system insists on teaching vocabulary words to children from an early age. While most parents are aware of this, they do not realize why building a large vocabulary is so crucial. So why do you need to introduce words that start with L?

During the initial years of your child’s academic journey, a major benefit of learning vocabulary words is that it builds their ability to read and write. It is true that reading enhances vocabulary, but having a vocabulary helps children read with understanding. When children are able to read and form better sentences, it sets them up for academic success. Also, a vast vocabulary enables children to understand the instructions more clearly, so they perform better in a classroom environment.

Another reason your child must learn vocabulary words is that it also enhances communication and language skills. When a child knows more words, they can convey their thoughts, ideas and feelings more effectively. This is because a vast vocabulary enables them to choose the right words and form meaningful sentences. What happens as a result? It boosts the child’s confidence, and they start interacting with people more often.

An enriched vocabulary also builds your child’s character if you start teaching words from an early age. Children tend to become empathic when they are able to understand the thoughts, ideas and opinions of others around them.

words with letter l

List of Vocabulary Words- Preschool and Kindergarten

Preschoolers are kindergarteners, which makes them rather young to completely understand the meanings of complex words. However, that does not mean that they can’t learn some of the easier ones. Little children must know enough words to be able to communicate. Here are words that start with L for preschoolers and kindergartners.


Preschoolers are unable to read or write. However, it is still as important for them to know a few vocabulary words. Below are some words that are easy to understand and learn.

  • Lady
  • Lily
  • Light
  • Lips
  • Litter
  • Lost
  • Lick
  • Like
  • Lizard
  • Listen
cool words that start with l


  • Love: to feel a deep feeling of affection for someone
  • Log: a large piece of wood
  • Lunch: midday meal
  • Look: to see something, to search for something
  • Line: a long straight path
  • Lid: the removable covering of a container
  • Lean: to tilt in a specific direction
  • Leaf: a part of a plant
  • Lift: to elevate or raise up
  • Leak: to move or flow through a breach
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Words that Start With L for Elementary School Students

In elementary classes, children are grasping important concepts and figures of speech such as pronouns or contractions. It is also the best time to introduce the more complex vocabulary words. Here are two separate lists of words that start with L for lower elementary and upper elementary students.

 Lower Elementary

  • Lane: a narrow pathway
  • Laugh: vocal sounds and facial movement that humans make to express amusement
  • Lawn: grass-covered land
  • Leave: to exit, go away from or out
  • Lock: to secure something by fastening it
  • Loud: high or great intensity volume
  • Loose: relaxed or not tight
  • Lucky: being fortunate
  • Large: of a size bigger than average
  • Lend: to give something for borrow
positive words beginning with l

Upper Elementary

  • Lazy: inactive, sluggish or not wanting to work
  • Limb: appendage of an animal such as arm, leg or wing
  • Laundry: clothing wash
  • Lovely: delightful
  • Lack: absence or deficiency of a thing or trait
  • Loyal: faithful to a person, idea or duty
  • Lush: rich in something such as color
  • Leader: someone who guides or leads a group
  • Limp: wilted or flaccid, to walk lamely
  • Lonely: feeling alone or desolate
nouns beginning with l

Practice Questions

Practice questions make it easier to learn new information as well as retain it for longer. Here are two exercises to help kids learn words that start with L.

Exercise #1

  1. Draw or act out the following words that start with L.
  • Limp
  • Leaf
  • Lamp
  • Laugh
  • Lip
  • Lullaby
  • Light
  • Log
start with l

Exercise #2

Interesting fact: You can pronounce the /l/ sound in 2 different ways, depending on the letter that follows letter L. These are called the ‘clear’ and ‘dark’ sounds. When followed by a vowel, it makes the clear /l/ sound. On the other hand, it makes the dark /l/ sound when followed by a consonant or pause.

describing words starting with l
  1. Write 5 words for each category: clear /l/ sound and dark /l/ sound. These can be words that start with L or ones that contain the letter.


Dark /l/ sound: Deal, Bull, Old, Ultimate, Girl, Call, Family

Clear /l/ sound: Long, Less, Large, Lip, Learn

Frequently Asked Questions

At what age does preschool start?
Preschool programs in the U.S. generally start accepting children at the age of 3. Some may have options for younger children, depending on their readiness and the type of program.
How old is preschool age?
Preschool age in the U.S. typically refers to children who are between 3 and 5 years old. It is the age before they are eligible to start kindergarten, which is generally at age 5 or 6, depending on the state's cutoff date.
How to be a preschool teacher?
Becoming a preschool teacher in the U.S. typically requires an associate's degree in early childhood education, though some states and schools may require a bachelor's degree. Prospective teachers must also pass a background check and have CPR and first aid certification. Some states require certification through a recognized authority, which can include further education, student teaching, and passing an exam.
How long does it take to become a preschool teacher?
The time it takes to become a preschool teacher can vary. It can be as quick as earning a certificate in early childhood education, which can take a few months to a year, to obtaining a bachelor's degree, which typically takes 4 years. Additional time may be needed for state certification or specialized training.
What age do kids start preschool?
Kids usually start preschool at the age of 3 or 4 in the U.S. This is seen as an optimal time to begin engaging with peers and learning in a structured environment.

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